mandag den 19. juli 2010

Take a trip to Bakken this Saturday!

dameUlove is going deliver Saturdays music at the new hipsterplace, Bakken from 10-04!

Bakken serves delicious burgers straight from the grill every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7 p.m.

If you've already eaten, still make sure to come in good time. There's a long queue after 1 a.m.

We'll look forward to see you dance!!!


24th of July


Flæsketorvet 19-21, 1711 Copenhagen

For further information

onsdag den 9. juni 2010

One dame at Roskilde!

It's now official!!!! One of the dames at dameUlove is going to play at the Skate Scene on Roskilde Festival 2010! Cecilie Brandel will be playing with her dancing, loving DJ team under the name of Rosk Din Røv Sunday the 27th of June!

The 2 hour set will be delivered by her, Røde Henrik (Rust), JoJo DJteam (Rust), Mia Stampe-Visti (KittyCats) and the father of all music-dads Carten Holm from the national radiostation P3!

Come join them and leave your board at home, you won't be skating this night!

tirsdag den 8. juni 2010

Strawberry Switchblade - Jolene

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene!

The dameUlove ladies will play the best music from their record collection this Friday @ Jolene Bar in Kødbyen, Flæsketorvet 81-85 from 11-03!

Expect old classics, funky disco and Riot Grrrlz rock!

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